We all know that giving helps others, but studies now so that giving is also good for your health. Here at the Old Enfield Charitable Trust we have been administering gifts donated by local benefactors for centuries, and with your donations we could help so many more people.

Regular Givers

Small donations make a big difference and it is easy to set up a regular monthly donation to the Trust in Enfield. If you would like to become a regular giver and help contribute aid and assistance to your community please contact us today.


There are several ways to leave a gift in your Will including Residual Gifts, a Pecuniary Legacy, leaving a percentage of yours Estate as well as setting up your own Endowed Fund. Contact the office if you would like to leave a gift in our safe hands.

Corporate Giving

If you are a local company whether large or small, committed to the future of Enfield, then get in touch to find out how your Corporate Social Responsibility could be tailored to meet your needs whilst contributing to the local community.

Contact Us

To find out more about how you can get involved in leaving a meaningful and lasting legacy in Enfield, please contact us.

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Grant Eligibility Checker

To find out whether you are eligible for one of our personal, education or community grants, please consult our Grant Eligibility Checker. This enables you to see if your address is within the parish, and therefore whether you are eligible for a grant.

Eligibility Checker

Find out more about the Trust

What we fund

Need some help paying for a school trip, or medical equipment? Perhaps you really need a new bed, or a carpet after a flood, fire or accident. Our Personal Grants cover most things and on our Case Studies page you will find exam..…

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History of the Trust

Thanks to the generous gifts of local benefactors and past Kings of England, the Trust in Enfield has been supporting individuals, families and local organisations in financial need that live and work within the boundary of the ..…

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Meet the Trustees

In all there are fifteen Trustees, two of whom are nominated by St Andrews Church and two more nominated by Enfield Council. The remaining 11 are elected as and when vacancies arise. Trust business is carried out by a series of ..…

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