In a typical year The Old Enfield Charitable Trust administers around £250K in discretionary grants to families, individuals and community groups residing and living within the boundary of the Ancient Parish.

The Trust welcomes funding applications from community and grassroots projects within the Ancient Parish that reflect the diversity and vibrancy of Enfield. Applications will be required to demonstrate the benefit to local residents in alignment with the Trusts key areas of interest.

Things to consider before you apply.

Applicants for community grants are welcomed from groups including local community, self-help, or voluntary groups and charities or individuals acting for the benefit of the local community. In order for an application to be successful, the applicant must:

  • Live or operate within the boundaries of the Old Enfield Charitable Trust
  • Be a group or Individual acting for the wider benefit of the local Community
  • Address the local community initiative to relieve and hardship for the people of Enfield
  • Provide a benefit to the local community

When applying for a Community Grant from The Old Enfield Charitable Trust you will first need to refer to our Terms & Conditions, which also give details of excluded groups and activities. Applicants will be asked to supply a latest set of accounts and additional information may be requested. Grants need to be spent within six months of being awarded.

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